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Personal One-on-One Coaching

Work directly with me; with years of experience helping mums find their spark.  



Online Programmes

Choose a do-it-yourself 21 day programme (Coming soon!) or join the next 8 Week Group Programme (2023).



I help busy people find and keep their mojo.   The holistic Jinxx approach makes eating, moving and thinking simple to build you strong, resilient, and full of life.

Trust that your body knows what to eat

Be confident in how to exercise.

Embrace the cool fun Mum you know you are.

Sleep like a log, be calm through your day.


Sort out your diet. Know what to eat intuitively. Fall in love with your eating.


Learn how to notice your stress, it’s sources and how to reduce it.


Sleep is magic. Discover how to optimise your night to seize your day.


Smarter not harder. Uncover what works best for your body and lifestyle.

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is a wellness expert who educates, motivates and guides you to make changes in your life to get to your goals. Health Coaches are essentially cheerleaders that know a lot of stuff about nutrition and fitness and sleep and all the things that contribute to health. The Jinxx approach brings wellness back to the basics—eating, moving, living, and thriving as our bodies are designed to.

Who is Health Coaching for?

Anyone that wants to make changes in their life.

From losing weight to having enough energy to play with their children. Wishing to know how to eat healthier & cook good, simple meals for their families. How to exercise with confidence and fit in their old jeans. Anyone that wants help to get from where they are to where they want to be will benefit from a health coach.

I don't need a coach, I eat pretty healthily and go to the gym 5 times a week

A health coach can identify things in your life you may have overlooked or not thought of that are sabotaging your results. You may wake up tired, get injured or sick often. You may have the feeling there is something ‘not quite right’

I'm not sure whether you can help me...

I invite you for a chat with me to discover whether I can be assistance to you.  A free call with no obligations & no selling from me. Just a chat to see if we are a right fit for each other and if I can help you with your dreams. Book here for your Free Discovery Call.

If I sign up to your programme will you make me eat kale?

Answers to this and other FAQ can be found here

About Me

Kia ora, I’m Jj, short for Jenn James, Health Coach at Jinxx.

I have 12+ years’ experience in the health and wellness industry.  A busy mum (are there any mums who aren’t busy!?)  that has played multiple representative sports (hockey, rugby, volleyball…)  and competed internationally in CrossFit and Bodybuilding. I run a business while raising 2 energetic boys with(out) a husband who is away a lot. I enjoy working out regularly and preparing good meals for my family while still enjoying them and having energy to spare for myself.

I want to share my experience and knowledge to other mums that may be struggling because I know they deserve it and there is an easier way.


Such a great programme. Super informative and learnt so much about myself each week. Not just a food and exercise programme but an entire wellness retreat from the ease of your own home??.

-Bex, My Mojo Group Programme.

“…Jenn is very generous with her extensive knowledge and guidance, giving freely support, advice and friendly reminders. ..So, if you need to change your perspective, get out of a ‘rut’ or simply improve your general well-being (body and wairua), I recommend investing in yourself by committing to 8-weeks of learning, self-care and resetting. Sign up for the My Mojo Programme – you deserve it..”

-Renee, My Mojo Group Programme.

Jen(n) is an amazing coach who makes sure that you are always considering all aspects of your well-being… it was never about just exercise or just eating, but looking after your mental well-being as well. She is definitely bomb and I would recommend Jinxx to anyone that wants to truely make a lifestyle change ❤️.”

-Nikki, My Mojo Group Programme.

Online Coaching Resources


21 day Kickstarter 

Do-it-yourself, for 21 days. Daily actions to get your spark back. COMING SOON!


8 week Group Programme to find and keep your mojo. Food, fitness, sleep and fun.


MY MOJO Private

One-on-one private coaching with Jj. 8 weeks to find and keep your mojo. Food, fitness, sleep & fun.                                 

Set Your Goals.

Find Your Mojo.

Get after it.

Hey Mama – I see you.

Doing it all for everyone else.


Trying not to care that your clothes don’t fit quite like they used to or your body looks and feels different since having kids.


You tell yourself it doesn’t matter but something is just eating away at you.


You are tired, coffee seems to help – sometimes. You are always there for your kids but don’t seem to be able to carve out any quiet time for yourself.


You might not even know what you would do if you had 20 minutes to yourself…

You’ve kind of forgotten who you were or what you did before having kids.


You want to be the fun Mum but can’t see a way through the washing and dishes and admin and work. There is so much to do and so many demands on your time and energy.

Book a free call, I may have the answers you are looking for.

Get yourself back xox



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